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Jenn sat down to talk to author Katherine Hastings about her debut historical romance, In the Assassin’s Arms

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Another amazing historical romance novel made its debut this week, along with its author! Jenn read and reviewed the book, and sat down with author Katherine Hastings, to talk a bit about the story.

Allow us to introduce… 

Katherine Hastings.

Jenn: So, Katherine… New book, FIRST book, coming out next week. Are you more excited, or nervous?

Katherine: It’s coming up so fast! I’m switching between nervous and excited with enviable speed. I think I may give myself whiplash.

Jenn:  No! No whiplash.

Katherine: I joked that I was going to wear a neck brace on release day so I don’t hurt myself. LOL

Jenn: LoL… totally.

So, In the Assassin’s Arms comes out in a little over a week. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Katherine: Sure can! In the Assassin’s Arms is the story of John Douglas and Charlotte “Charlie” Cornewalle who were childhood friends, and each other’s first crush. They haven’t seen each other since childhood and then Charlie comes back into John’s life… but not how he’d hoped. The sweet little girl he remembered is now a skilled assassin, just like him… and she thinks his father murdered hers. He thinks she killed his friend. If that isn’t bad enough, they are each members of different factions of assassins… and sworn enemies. When they both end up with a target on their back, they must work together to find out who is after them, and solve the mystery of who killed her father. Both of these assassin’s must battle their way not only through the people who are after them, but through the feelings for each other that grow on their adventure.

Jenn: Oh, wow! Now, this is a historical romance… What time period does it take place in?

Katherine: It is set in 1714 England.

Jenn: I’m looking forward to reading it (I just got my ARC a couple days ago… squee!). And this is your debut novel… have you always wanted to be a writer?

Katherine: I’m so excited that you’re participating in my first book release! As far as always wanting to be a writer, when I was a child I said I wanted to be a writer. But, like most children with their dreams of being professional ice skaters, or hockey players, I didn’t really think it was an actual option. I put aside my writing after high school and didn’t write again until a few years ago when I got knee surgery. I was so bored I decided to start writing a book I’d come up with, in a dream, about a decade ago. There I was with my leg stuck up in the air and I just started typing away. Once I started I couldn’t stop! I finished the novel in a couple of weeks and was so sad it was over, I started another, then another. Even with a few books written, it still hadn’t occurred to me that I could actually be a writer. But, with the encouragement of my friends, I sent one in for consideration, and Fiery Seas sent me the email they wanted to publish it. There was lots of jumping that day. Lots and lots of jumping. LOL

Jenn: I bet! So, is In the Assassin’s Arms the first in a series? Or is it a standalone novel?

Katherine: It is the first book in a series. So far, I have three written.

Jenn: Oh, very awesome! I adore series…

Katherine: Me, too! I like to get lost in a series and follow all the characters as long as the author will let me!

Jenn: Do you write full time now? Or do you juggle your writing with another J-O-B? And if you do the juggling thing, how do you find balance?

Katherine: I have a business handling marketing and social media for businesses in my area. Luckily for me, it’s incredibly flexible so when I get an idea for writing, I can usually stop what I’m doing for work and write. It’s made balancing the two quite easy, actually. I’m very lucky!

Jenn: Very cool! The businesses that have you working for them are very lucky, indeed. That social media marketing thing can be a killer when you have the million OTHER things needed as a business owner.

Katherine: Exactly! It’s my job to handle their social media so they can focus on what they do best!

Jenn: How much planning do you put into your writing? Or are you more of a pantser?

Katherine: I am a planner through and through! Each book I write starts as a dream. Then from my dream I figure out the plot from start to finish. Once that is done, I put it into a chapter by chapter outline. I leave plenty of room for creative twists and what-not, but when I start writing I have the entire book plotted out. It helps me write so much faster than before I started doing this.

Jenn: I totally envy your ability to write like that… Every book I ever outlined, I had to start back over from scratch.

Katherine: LOL! It definitely takes a lot of thought before I start writing the outline! But so far I’ve stuck to it quite well!

Jenn: Very cool. You mentioned that Assassin’s Arms is the first in a series, and that you have 2 more finished. Could we get an idea of when we can anticipate book 2?

KatherineBeneath the Assassin’s Touch is the second book in the series. Fiery Seas has it signed for publication and it will be out in print and digital hopefully later this year! I’m really excited about this one. It follows a character you’ll meet from In the Assassin’s Arms, Viktor, on his own romantic adventure.

Jenn: Yay for continuing adventures and learning more about other characters!

Katherine: He wasn’t a planned character in In the Assassin’s Arms, yet I adored him so much when he waltzed into my book I knew he needed his own!

Jenn: hehe… Those tend to jump out at us, right?

Katherine: Right!

Jenn: Our review of In the Assassin’s Arms will be live on July 12, and we’ll have buy links up as soon as they become available. is there anything else you’d like readers to know about you or your debut novel before we wrap up?

Katherine: I can’t wait to see what you think about my first book baby! I hope that you and others have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. There’s plenty of action, adventure, and romance for anyone who enjoys those kinds of books. This has been such a childhood dream come true and I look forward to writing more books that hopefully everyone will enjoy!

Jenn: Here’s to book babies and dreams come true that you never thought would!

Katherine: It’s been an incredible adventure!

Jenn: I bet!

I’d like to thank you for your time, on behalf of Thrice Read Books and our readers. This has been so much fun, and I’m so looking forward to reading In the Assassin’s Arms.

Katherine: Thank you so much for hosting me! It’s such an honor to have you take interest in my book, and I can’t tell you how much you book bloggers mean to us new writers! We appreciate you more than you know!

Jenn: Just out of curiosity, would you be heading to RWA2018 in a few weeks?

Katherine: I actually won’t this year due to a bunch of work stuff, but next year I hope to! It’s on the calendar!

Jenn: Aww. Awesome!

Katherine: I really do appreciate all your support! This has just been so fun! You’re my first official interview! LOL

Jenn: Whoohoo! I love that we get to be firsts

I’ll have buttons for this at the bottom of the post, but can readers find and follow you on social media?

Katherine: Great! I love getting social with people!

They can find me at www.katherinehastings.com. I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. [We’ve got the links in the buttons below!]

Katherine: Thank you again for hosting me!!

Jenn: You bet!

Have a great day, and watch out for that whiplash!

Katherine: HA HA HA! I am pretty accident prone! LOL

Jenn: You, too, Katherine. Thanks again and good luck.

Jenn sat down to talk to author Katherine Hastings about her debut historical romance, In the Assassin’s Arms

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