When I Grow Up – Book Review

About the Book:

It’s Show-and-Tell time in Mrs. Krupp’s class, and Billy just can’t wait for his turn! Today the class is discussing what they want to be when they grow up, and our exuberant eight-year-old hero is bursting to tell everyone about his future career plans.

In dazzling wordplay and delicious rhymes, Billy regales his patient teacher and amazed classmates with tales of the variety of careers he wants to pursue—each more outlandish and wildly imaginative than the last!

Brian’s Review:

This book is very funny, with a great lesson in it.  Mr. Yankovic better known as Weird Al Yankovic delivers in true to fashion Weird Al form.  Very similar writing to Dr. Seuss. So if you enjoyed Cat in the Hat, then you’ll love When I Grow Up.

Jenn’s Review:

I absolutely adore this book, as did Sam when she was younger. Admittedly, though, if you are a parent and you let your youngster read this, be prepared for some odd questions. Yes, there is such a thing as giraffe cheese and chocolate mice are not a “thing” (mousse, mouse… these strange words of our language!).

Buy the book:

This book is available in Kindle, Hardcover, paperback and audio format from Amazon here. [affiliate link]


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