When Worlds Begin

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TRB STR Twit When Worlds Begin Review
Sam reviews Megan O’Russell’s When Worlds Begin

About the Book

When Worlds Begin; Megan O’Russell
Young Adult; Dystopian Fantasy; 796 Pages

Ink Worlds Press (February 14, 2020)

“I really enjoyed this novel! It’s on the same level as The Hunger Games.” – BookBub Review of Girl of Glass

“It’s the magic we loved in Harry Potter, but happening right here and right now in the US.” – Amazon review of The Tethering

“This reminded me of Doctor Who, except from the standpoint of the Doctor’s assistant.” – Goodreads Review of The Girl Without Magic

“David fights Goliath that will pass the Bechdel Test!” – Amazon review of Ember and Stone

When Worlds Begin offers four full-length novels by Megan O’Russell. From breathtaking adventures to dystopian darkness, this collection has something for every fantasy fan.

Included in this collection: Ember and StoneGirl of GlassThe Tethering, and The Girl Without Magic.

Ember and Stone (Ena of Ilbrea, Book One)

Ena never hoped for a peaceful life. She never dreamt she’d become a killer either.

After her home is reduced to ash, Ena is swallowed by a world of secrets and magic. Legends warned of dark shadows hiding in the mountains. They didn’t warn of the dangers of falling in love with a myth.

Girl of Glass (Girl of Glass, Book One)

The world is ending, but Nola has been chosen to survive.

This young adult dystopian novel looks at the apocalypse from the point of view of one of the few who has been chosen to survive. Blended with romance and a hint of paranormal, Girl of Glass asks the reader what the obligation of the privileged is to help the suffering.

The Tethering (The Tethering, Book One)

A dark spell may separate them forever.

When fate binds Jacob and Emilia together, war threatens to destroy all they hold dear.

Wizards are under attack, and Jacob and Emilia find themselves at the center of a battle that will decide the survival of magic.

Facing an enemy that can shatter their souls, will they find love or be devoured by flames?

The Girl Without Magic (The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, Book One)

Death would have been easier, but the Siren wasn’t through with her.

The Siren dragged Maggie Trent out of a battle and into her Realm, a land where secrets hide in the shadows and pleasure comes at a price Maggie is unwilling to pay.

With the promise of adventure in new worlds, Maggie leaps into a journey of blood and romance.

About the Author

Megan O’Russell is the author of several Young Adult series that invite readers to escape into worlds of adventure. From Girl of Glass, which blends dystopian darkness with the heart-pounding danger of vampires, to Ena of Ilbrea, which draws readers into an epic world of magic and assassins.

With the Girl of Glass series, The Tethering series, The Chronicles of Maggie Trent, The Tale of Bryant Adams, the Ena of Ilbrea series, and several more projects planned for 2020, there are always exciting new books on the horizon. To be the first to hear about new releases, free short stories, and giveaways, sign up for Megan’s newsletter by visiting the following:


Originally from Upstate New York, Megan is a professional musical theatre performer whose work has taken her across North America. Her chronic wanderlust has led her from Alaska to Thailand and many places in between. Wanting to travel has fostered Megan’s love of books that allow her to visit countless new worlds from her favorite reading nook. Megan is also a lyricist and playwright. Information on her theatrical works can be found at RussellCompositions.com.

She would be thrilled to chat with you on Facebook or Twitter @MeganORussell, elated if you’d visit her website MeganORussell.com, and over the moon if you’d like the pictures of her adventures on Instagram @ORussellMegan.

Sam’s Review

Sam’s Teen Read Corner features Megan O’Russell’s When Worlds Begin Box Set

Ember and Stone

Healing. A forbidden practice in Ena’s world. Punishable by death. And yet, she practices it, learning from the village healer and ink maker. Ena, a girl with a broken family, a lying brother, and a village now gone. And with a newfound adventure beyond her wildest thoughts with a man born with stone magic in his veins, her world shifts beyond the tyranny of her land’s so-called “leaders”, and with every healing gift, comes the gift of death, one she can create with the right berries and the right help.

Another great read by Megan O’Russell, Ember and Stone will captivate you and leave you wanting more. There is no hope of love for her, an uncommon find anymore, but it is well balanced by the amount of pluck and guts Ena has, making her the perfect role model. I was a little confused by the sudden mood change Ena went through near the end, as she went from good girl to flirting to get her way. 

Girl of Glass

Dystopian meets Twilight in Girl of Glass a story about life behind glass, a way of preserving life, or well, all the best aspects of it. Within the domes, only the best of bodies, minds, and personalities live in luxury and safety. Outside the domes, drugs that change you, change your body, your abilities, and all the failures that came with the drugs are barely surviving. For Nola, she has everything she could want as the daughter of a botanist. Until an offer comes across her path, the chance for more. All she has to do is leave the domes, and find Nightland, an underground group of Vampires.

She is told that all they want is some medicine for their leader’s dying daughter. If she doesn’t, she will have the guilt of knowing that she could have saved a life. If she does, and she’s caught, she will be marked as a traitor to the domes. Naturally, she makes the most sensible choice: she steals the medicine. Now, she has been tossed into a world of betrayal and danger. Love is hiding behind the least expected places, and familiar faces aren’t as familiar as she thought.

Girl of Glass is ensnaring and immersive and is a well written dystopian. Danger lurks in every corner, and it is very descriptive. If you enjoy dystopian novels and love triangles, I recommend this book, along with the entire series. There weren’t a lot of things that I found wrong with this story, and the entire series is pretty much one big book. A well-written series, indeed.

The Tethering

This may sound like a horror story, but honestly, it isn’t. There are, however, massive Harry Potter and Beautiful Creatures vibes coming off of this book, and allow me to explain why. Jacob has lost his best friend(psst he totally doesn’t like her romantically) years ago, and now his family. The initial shock causes him to lash out in a fit of magic, a gift he had no idea he even had. So, of course, his childhood crush and bestie  returns for him, we have this whole moment of, “you’re a wizard, Jacob.” To top it all off, he gets accused of a crime.

But there are evil forces afoot(Duh)! Dark forces, that will stop at nothing to kill us muggles, er, humans, called the Dragons, want war with the humans and plan to kill all who defy them! Yeah, pretty common trope but it’s well played out. Jeeze! Jacob just wants to learn magic, not accidentally get tethered to his crush who has an (ex) boyfriend during the start of the war!

This book is well written, however, a few problems I have is the way it felt very off at times. For instance, he messes up with magic one time, and is instantly accused of a crime? I mean sure, he suspiciously bore witness to a Dragon attack, but come on! He didn’t even know he had powers! Yeah, probably not my favorite book, but a worthwhile read nonetheless.

The Girl Without Magic

I, honestly, have no idea if I’ve done this already. I might have, so sorry in advance if so. But, as part of the box set, I must review it, so here we go! 

Maggie Trent, a magic-user, has died in battle. Or has she? When she wakes up in paradise, nothing seems impossible. Why, with the right amount of magic, one could do anything. But magic is like money. It runs out in the Siren’s Realm, and the Siren demands payment. So long as you have magic, you are safe from her storms that cleanse all she no longer wants.

Maggie learns this the hard way when in order to survive and not be swept and robbed, she needs to keep up the lie of having never possessed magic. A shame she couldn’t keep that secure longer before Bertrand Wayland figured it out. With the mysterious man, comes the offer of replenished magic: slipping through the threads in the Siren’s Realm, and going on grand adventures. Never one to back down from a fight, she accepts.

With her journey comes a new land, one of many attached to the Siren’s Realm. With the land comes love, danger, and new experiences. But can she defend a wandering group of magic teachers who have no intention of fighting?

I remember this book. And it never ceases to amaze me with how well it was written. I think this was the first Megan O’Russell I read or at least one of the first, and it brings a wonderful sense of nostalgia back to me. Definitely worth the read, and really wanna read the other books in the series. The pacing sees me a little off at points, but that was the only true fault I had with it.

TRB STR Pin When Worlds Begin Review
Sam reviews Megan O’Russell’s When Worlds Begin

Buy the Book

This book is available in Kindle and paperback editions here.

Also by Megan O’Russell

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Boy of Blood (Girl of Glass, Book 2)

Night of Never (Girl of Glass, Book 3)

Son of Sun (Girl of Glass, Book 4)

Death of Day (Girl of Glass, Book 5)

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