Evergreen (Mer-Tales Book 2) – Review

About the book:

Winner of BEST I’VE READ: at Books Complete Me and Once Upon a Twilight.
A kingdom on the brink of war.
A king on the fringes of insanity. 
A family running for their lives.

Ash and Fin’s only desire is to be together and dive into their happily ever after, though their conflicting worlds work to pull them apart. Neither is ready to convert to the other’s life: become a human or a mer. Little do they know that somewhere in Natatoria a secret holds the fine fabric of everyone’s lives together. If the truth is discovered, Ash and Fin will no longer have the luxury of waiting. They’ll be forced to choose. But will it be for loyalty or love? Or will someone else make the choice for them if they can’t decide? Enter the watery world of treachery, greed, and the binding mer kiss as the story continues with Evergreen, book two of Mer Tales.

About the Author:

Author Brenda Pandos lives in California with her husband and two energetic boys. After her release of EVERMORE late 2015, she suffered from a stroke. While she’s had a miraculous recovery, the part of her brain she’d used to write fiction with hasn’t returned yet. 

At 18-months post-stroke, she’s decided to start working on her memoir to tell her story. It’s very tiring for her and slow going, but she’s determined to finish this project.

She’d love to hear your encouragement and well wishes. Feel free to email brendapandos@gmail.com or write on her facebook wall.

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Sam’s Review: 

Hello everyone, my name’s Sam, and welcome to the review for Mertales book 2: Evergreen by Brenda Pandos.  

Ash is still getting used to being promised. Fin is on his way to Florida for his safety, which is killing Ash. Not only is she extremely lovesick, mer-folk exist, which is something she’s never really believed in, Fin’s cousin, Colin, is attempting to promise himself to Ash in order to make her spill the beans about where Fin is, so she’s in danger, her bestie has been forced promised to the prince of Natoria, and she still has to balance out her senior year of highschool. Not fun. Not fun at all. Oh, and one more thing. Colin has the hair brained idea that Ash is the runaway princess of Natoria, Galadriel. And just because she has a royal birthmark! C’mon folks.

While Ash is having mer-stalker issues, Fin is dealing with a royal pain, literally. Princess Galadriel is at the safe-house, and is driving Fin bonkers. Even worse, she looks exactly like Ash; the only difference is what comes out of her mouth. And Fin is Galadriel’s escort. He’ll need to take a risk and return home to Ash though if he wants to keep her safe from his uncle, Alaster, and his no-good cousin Colin. And he needs to bring Galadriel. Once they are brought together, a secret is revealed that will change the way Ash will lead her life, and her plans fall apart even more.

I loved this book, loved the book after it (don’t worry, it’s coming, guys. Hang in there!), and, well, I just love the series altogether. Leave a suggestion as to a book that you think that I would like to read and review for you, subscribe, like and enable those notifications! I’ll be back with the third book, later! And now, for my unofficial goodbye. In the words of Waysa, from the Serafina series, stay bold! Bye guys!

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This book is available on Amazon as a Kindle, paperback or audio book here. [affiliate link]

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