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Jenn Reviews book 2 in Jaci Chandler's Dwarven Gold series. Read about Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps on the Thrice Read Books blog

About the Book:

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps book 2 in the Dwarven Gold series 

by Jaci Chandler

Published by Amazon Digital Services April 30, 2018

128 pages Adult Erotica Romance

My name is Deidra Cavendish and I need a rich man who’ll marry me, and take me and my mother off to a gilded castle filled with food and keep the bill collectors away, but deep down inside where my secret dreams live, I long for love. My only solace is my cousin, Arabella. She’s my best friend and confidante, and I think she was murdered. When an accident at the Cavendish Winter Ball sends me flying into the arms of a penniless nobody, my abrupt craving for him threatens to derail me. He’s poor and so am I; a relationship between us isn’t going to work! Even if he makes my blood simmer with longing.

My name is Jerred Bloodaxe. I am the Earl of Whitemarch; the King’s left-hand man. I fight behind the scenes to keep the kingdom safe, stop royal intrigues from turning into royal murder, and prevent assassins from killing my cousin, Thorin. Most importantly, I run politically sensitive and dangerous errands no sane dwarf will take. When Arabella, the queen-in-waiting, asks me to bring her cousin, Deidra, to safety in Dwarfholme, I immediately leave for Cavendish Castle. But it’s a different world where I have no power or resources, and bringing her back to her cousin is more difficult than it looks. Little do I know, fate has ways to bring two mates together, even if one is a Dwarven Lord and the other is a regency miss!

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps is the second of six books in the DWARVEN GOLD fantasy romance series. It is a complete story with no cliffhangers and contains hot dwarfs who look like Vikings, steamy m/m scenes, delicious cakes, a hidden world on the verge of war, vengeful gods, ex-lovers, trolls, zombies and “lots” of hot, steamy romance between two mates who are lost without each other.

If you like a spicy clash of personalities, a vulnerable, but deadly hero, and a unique fantasy world, you’ll like Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps! Buy your copy now and feel the love.

About the Author:

Jaci Chandler lives in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, where the trees grow close and tall, and the skies are a brilliant blue. She loves to sit on her deck, gaze at Mt. Rainier, and think about hot dwarfs and their fated mates. When she’s not writing the Dwarven Gold series, she’s making cake and thinking of adding recipes to the backs of her books. 

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Jenn’s Review:

 **NOTE: The Dwarven Gold series is adult erotica romance and is intended for mature audiences, over the age of 18, only.**

Another speedy installment to the Dwarven Gold series by Jaci Chandler, Lady Deidre was a hot little erotic romance.

Deidre was left behind when Arabella was taken by the dwarves expeditionary forces in the previous book, and her situation is probably more tenuous than Arabella’s was. She’s desperate to find a wealthy husband before her family’s house party ends.

Jerred is fighting his own demons when his king sends him after Arabella’s cousin, Deidre. It’s definitely not love at first sight, though he knows Deidre is his fated mate. 

As with book 1, I enjoyed the world building, and the little plot twists, but I would love to see these stories developed a bit more. There are copious amounts of hot sexual interaction with a thread of romance tying it all together. Ms. Chandler has written stories with good conflicts, but I felt rushed through the resolution.

That said, Jaci Chandler is on my list of authors to watch. She has tremendous potential in her writing career, and I look forward to her next release.

on the Thrice Read Books blog: Jenn reviews Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps - book 2 in the Dwarven Gold series by Jaci Chandler

Buy the book:

This book is available in Kindle edition from Amazon here. [affiliate link]

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