Desperate Overtures: An Alice Gentry Novel

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Thrice Read Books reviews Nancy E. Miller's suspense (with romance) novel, DESPERATE OVERTURES.
Thrice Read Books reviews Nancy E. Miller’s suspense (with romance) novel, Desperate Overtures

About the Book

Desperate Overtures: An Alice Gentry Novel, Nancy E. Miller

Adult, Romantic Suspense, 224 Pages

Published  July 21, 2018

Dr. Alice Gentry is not telling the whole truth. Despite her evidence files full of torture, murder, and fire, there is more to the story than the hunter now becoming the hunted. She pulled in every favor to get the FBI involved. Now it’s SSA Chris Jensen’s job to clear up the facts before she ends up dead. He isn’t thrilled about working with an academic but learns she is more than he ever imagined…much more. Sam Richardson, the one person she trusts, thinks she is in over her head but he will defend her to the death. That’s what you do for the woman you love.
A tidal wave of emotion threatens to engulf her. Fear, guilt and shame work to cripple her. Anger and hate drive her on. She remembers a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche, “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss… the abyss gazes also into you.”

About the Author

Nancy E Miller

 Greetings and thanks for visiting my author’s page. As you can tell from my biography on the book page, I am a complete sap for any four-legged creature. My husband and I live in Illinois near St. Louis, MO with our four dogs, 2 pygmy goats, and partial interest in a horse (Achilles boards here). Crystal Unicorns came out in 2011 and Shark Bait in May 2017 in multiple venues/formats. Desperate Overtures, debuted in July 2018. It is the first in the Alice Gentry series. All are romantic suspense novels…heavy on the suspense. 
I truly hope you enjoy my books. It’s been a long time coming. Feel free to contact me thru my email or on my Facebook page

Jenn’s Review

Nancy Miller’s Desperate Overtures is tense, riveting suspense with elements of romance. While it exceeded my expectations, I can’t firmly place it in the realm of romance fiction.

Dr. Alice Gentry is a survivor. She lost both parents when she was a young woman in the aftermath of her abduction and torture at the hands of a budding serial killer. She’s spent years studying and tracking the man who haunts her nightmares, and she finally has access to the FBI, the only people that can bring down the monster.

SSA Chris Jenson doesn’t make the best first impression, but when he realizes what Dr. Gentry left out of the initial interview, his view of the petite woman shifts 180 degrees. Her notes, case files and first hand account prove invaluable as tensions and the body count rise.

Sam? He’s been at Dr. Gentry’s side from day one. The day he drove her parents to the hospital and watched her father collapse, dead, at her bedside. In all the years he’s watched over her, he’s fallen in love with her, but has never given his feelings a voice.

Desperate Overtures isn’t a highly graphic story, though there are elements that might trigger some folks (I’ll be dealing with the images left over for a while, I think), so be forewarned. This is definitely a novel worth sinking your teeth into; the plot twists aren’t plentiful but I found them unexpected all the same.

I hesitate to call this a straight forward romance, though. The heroine’s love interest is muddled through the first half of the book, and overall, the book seemed to be missing some of the requisite plot beats necessary for the book to be satisfactory as a romance – this is not to say that the book wasn’t satisfying, it certainly was. However, some readers may be disappointed if they are expecting strictly a love story. This is definitely more about Dr. Gentry’s resolution of a long-standing wound. This also is the first book in a series, and I’m hoping that book two explores the romance/love story between Alice and Sam more.

In the final tally, Nancy Miller’s Desperate Overtures is worth a read. I was pleasantly surprised, it’s been a while since I had an indie book roll across my Kindle of this quality. I have Ms. Miller’s previous novels, Crystal Unicorns, and Shark Bait, and look forward to reading those as well.

Thrice Read Books reviews Nancy E. Miller's suspense (with romance) novel, DESPERATE OVERTURES.
Thrice Read Books reviews Nancy E. Miller’s suspense (with romance) novel, DESPERATE OVERTURES.

Buy the Book

 This book is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats here:

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