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Spirit Shattered – Review

On the Thrice Read Books review blog: Jenn reviews book 4 in Tessa McFionn's Guardians series. SPIRIT SHATTERED is an adult paranormal romance novel

About the Book:

Spirit Shattered      by Tessa McFionn

Adult Paranormal Romance     The Guardians Book 4

Published by Etopia Press May 31, 2018

332 pages

Only a Guardian’s love can soothe her jaded heart.

Growing up in South Boston, Danika Callaghan was taught early on that life is neither kind nor fair. Fighting has kept her alive on more than one occasion. Under the abusive roof of her brutal uncle, she battles to keep her innocent nephew safe from harm. Yet, a fateful turn down a back alley leads her into a world where she learns heroes are real, and not every man is a monster. But does she dare give her trust—or her heart—to this gorgeous warrior from a forgotten era?

Ukrainian boyar Anton Yurchenko was chosen as a Guardian Warrior while standing on the steps of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral. Dedicated to the belief in peace and armed with the powerful mental skills of a Conduit, he has fought to protect humanity with grace and dignity. However, when a fiery slip of a girl saves his life, he is determined to discover the mysteries behind her skittish exterior. But evil has set its eyes on the star-crossed pair. 

Is true love worth the fight, or will Danika’s fear plunge them into a darkness even Anton can’t save her from?

About the Author:

Spirit Shattered author, Tessa McFionn

Tessa McFionn is a very native Californian and has called Southern California home for most of her life, growing up in San Diego and attending college in Northern California and Orange County, only to return to San Diego to work as a teacher. Insatiably curious and imaginative, she loves to learn and discover, making her wicked knowledge of trivial facts an unwelcomed guest at many Trivial Pursuit boards. 

When not writing, she can be found at the movies or at Disneyland with her husband, as well as family, friends or anyone who wants to play at the Happiest Place on Earth. She also finds her artistic soul fed through her passions for theatre, dance and music. 

A proud parent of far too many high school seniors and two still living house plants, she also enjoys hockey, reading and playing Words With Friends to keep her vocabulary sharp. She is currently the treasurer of the San Diego chapter of Romance Writers of America and loves spending time working with such amazingly intelligent and creative writers.

Jenn’s Review:

Grab your tissues and buckle up, ’cause Tessa McFionn’s latest addition to her Gaurdians Series is a wild ride.

Danika could really use a break. It doesn’t matter what she does, she routinely gets the shirt end of the stick – whether it’s watching her childhood best friend and life long crush propose to someone else, or stumbling upon an honest-to-goodness sword fight in an alley just after someone tries to mug her. And we won’t mention her very screwed up home life.  But she’s strong, a fighting unwilling to back down voluntarily.

Anton is an almost-thousand year old good guy. Recruited by the Guardians for his deep sense of honor, he refuses to stand by while an innocent is hurt, and the angel who saved his life is mystery wrapped in painful enigma. He recognizes the signs of abuse and a hard life in everyone’s Danika does, but something else won’t let him walk away.

This book has three gears: super hot, emotionally gripping and hysterically snarky. I laughed, I cried, I stayed up way too late, trying to finish it in one sitting. (I didn’t, but it was finished before 10am the next day!)

This book is number four in the series, and really, you could read any of them as stand-alones, but WHY? I will be anxiously awaiting book five, because dang! Tessa McFionn’s books rock. She’s also grown quite a bit in her writing style, which readers might notice as they read through this series. (Especially if you read them in quick succession)

On the Thrice Read Books review blog: Jenn reviews book 4 in Tessa McFionn's Guardians series. SPIRIT SHATTERED is an adult paranormal romance novel

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This book is available in Kindle and paerback editions from Amazon here. [affiliate link]

Other Books in the Series:

Spirit Fall (book 1)

Spirit Bound (book 2)

Spirit Song (book 3)

Other Books by Tessa McFionn:

To Discover a Divine (Rise of the Stria, book 1)

Jenn got to sit down with Tessa to talk writing and romance. You can read the interview here.

Fallen to Grace – Review

Sam reviews Fallen to Grace, a YA Metaphysical novel by A.J. Flowers on Sam's Teen Reads Corner, Thrice Read Books.

About the book:

Fallen to Grace by A.J. Flowers 

Book 1, Celestial Downfall series

YA Metaphysical/Visionary Fiction

Published by Amazon Digital Services, LLC November 30, 2016

281 pages

Angels have ruled for too long… it’ll take one of their own to stop them.

Azrael’s a wingless angel, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s the only one with a functioning conscience. Her bi-color eyes mark her as a moral hybrid, and when she breaks her enslavement to Manor Saffron by making a deal with a demon, she doesn’t expect to become Queen. She’ll have to survive her new royal magic, convince a legion of angels she’s worth fighting for, and find the breach in her Faustian deal, or risk a new master with horns. 

2018 Silver Chapter of Excellence Award 
2017 eFestival of Words Best Fantasy Finalist!

About the Author:

A.J. Flowers is a fantasy author, book blogger, and automotive engineer in Detroit. She loves her writing, her work, and above all, her faith and family. When not writing or designing, you can find her saving the world from annihilation on her favorite video games side-by-side with her Dutch husband and princess Blue Russian kitty named Mina. To follow AJ’s blog for new writing tips, head on over to https://ajflowers.wordpress.com

Sam’s Review:

A.J. Flower’s Fallen to Grace is a fantasy novel featuring angels and demons, but it isn’t a Christian/Fantasy novel. Instead of God, we have the Divine, which are pretty much the gods of all that is good. Being the first in a series, it ends on a cliffhanger.

Azreal is a Hybrid Windborn, which means that she is a fallen angel with a demon. Female Windborns are sold for, well, slavery. Azreal makes a deal with her demon to change her fate and set her free. And her fate goes from slave to Divine princess.

But her new position comes with danger, and she may not last long enough to become queen. Filled with interesting characters, and feelable emotions,  Fallen to Grace will have you hooked.

Sam's review of FALLEN TO GRACE, YA Metaphysical novel by AJ Flowers. Book 1 of the Celestial Downfall series - featured on the Thrice Read Books review blog

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This book is available through Amazon in Kindle, paperback and audiobook editions here. [affiliate link]

The Jinx – New Release Promotion

Thrice Read Books hosts Ernest Lancaster's debut novel, THE JINX. New release promotion post.
Thrice Read Books is a stop on the blog tour for Ernest Lancaster's debut novel, The Jinx.

About the Book:

The Jinx     By Ernest Lancaster

Series: Memphis M.O. Book 1

Fiery Seas Publishing     July 24, 2018

Suspense / Action

Disaster strikes and innocents die as police sniper Rick Munro is plagued by a first-call jinx. As his career takes off, he must overcome his rookie mistakes, and keep his team members safe.

When Munro returns to TACT as a newly promoted lieutenant, the jinx torments him still. He must contend with team members’ rival agendas around every turn. Munro finds himself in a battle he can’t escape as corruption and death unfold around him.

Who can he trust? Will Munro break the streak or will it destroy everything he believes in?

About the Author:

Ernest Lancaster retired from the Memphis Police Department as a captain after serving as a cop for thirty-three years.

In the early seventies Lancaster spent two years walking a night beat in downtown Memphis, when The Peabody and Beale Street lay boarded up and crumbling and the center city became a dystopian ghost town after dark. He patrolled in ward cars, trooped for three days through a sea of pilgrims to Elvis’s funeral, edited the Memphis Police Association’s newspaper and acted as the association’s vice-president. For twenty-six years he held positions on the TACT Squad.

Lancaster now resides with his wife and Yorkie in the Smoky Mountains, where they love to hike and camp.

Social Media:


Buy the Book:

This book is available in paperback and Kindle versions at these outlets:

Fiery Seas Pub Bookstore  Barnes & Noble   Kobo   Amazon

Thrice Read Books hosts blog tour stop for Ernest Lancaster's debut novel, THE JINX, available now from Fiery Seas Publishing.

Jenn sat down and interviewed Mr. Lancaster about his debut novel, The Jinx, and published the transcript in our newsletter, Between the Lines. You can read the article here.

Ragis – The Gemeta Stone Book 4 – Cover Reveal

It’s that time again, and one of my favorite kinds of posts… The suspense, the drama, the excitement!

It’s time for another cover reveal!

Thrice Read Books hosts the cover reveal for Donna Migliaccio's fantasy novel, RAGIS, coming soon from Fiery Seas Publishing

About the book:

Ragis by Donna Migliaccio     August 28, 2018

Fantasy     The Gemeta Stone Book 4

Fiery Seas Publishing, LLC

Kristan Gemeta is teetering on the brink of madness.

His sister Melissa has defied him. His friend Olaf has betrayed him. The Wichelord Daazna’s ghostly laughter mocks him when he’s awake and robs him of his sleep at night. Even the protective powers of his legendary Stone are turning against him.  

And now his companions, his ship and its precious cargo have been taken hostage. Kristan must give chase, in an unseaworthy vessel manned by an angry centaur crew. Ahead lie unfriendly waters, an ominous destination and a confrontation Kristan dreads.

In his despair, Kristan longs for the one person he has always trusted: his beloved Heather. But she’s far away, about to step into a trap that will endanger not just her command, but Kristan’s life.   

Thrice Read Books hosts the cover reveal for Donna Migliaccio's fantasy novel, RAGIS, coming soon from Fiery Seas Publishing

About the Author:

Donna Migliaccio is a professional stage actress with credits that include Broadway, National Tours and prominent regional theatres.  She is based in the Washington, DC Metro area, where she co-founded Tony award-winning Signature Theatre and is in demand as an entertainer, teacher and public speaker.  Her award-winning short story, “Yaa & The Coffins,” was featured in Thinkerbeat’s 2015 anthology The Art of Losing.  

Social Media: 

Website     Facebook     Twitter     Pinterest

Drumroll, please! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The Reveal!

Cover for RAGIS, book 4 in the Gemeta Stone Series by Donna Miggliacio, coming in late August from Fiery Seas Publishing

Can we say GIVEAWAY?  Yup! There’s a giveaway to celebrate this release, and you can get in on it now for a chance to win a necklace just like the one on the Gemeta Stone books. Just click here.

And… You can preorder Ragis from these retail outlets: 

Amazon     Barnes & Noble    Kobo

We’ve reviewed the other books in the series:

Kinglet (book 1) 
Fiskur (book 2) 
Stoneking (book 3)

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King – Review

Jenn Reviews Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King by Jaci Chandler this week on Thrice Read Books' review blog

About the Book:

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King by Jaci Chandler

Dwarven Gold, book 1

Published by Amazon Digital Services, LLC on 28 January, 2018

98 pages Adult Erotic Romance

I’ve spent my life trying to ignore the haters. As strategies go–it’s not working.

Sealed into my room to lose weight, I’m kidnapped into a stunning underground world, where males outnumber females by a hundred to one. It doesn’t take long to discover I’m the fated mate of the newly ascended king, Thorin the Tenth. He’s loud, rude and arrogant, but I’m stunned by glimpses of his vulnerability, and find myself wanting to seize this chance at love. But Dwarfholme is changing, and Thorin is in danger. The gods have limits and enemies are everywhere. I’ve finally found the partner I’ve so desperately longed for, but is it love or just really good sex? With my future mother-in-law out to destroy us, and my mate’s childhood friend a bloodthirsty god, time is running out. I need to discover the truth between us, before it’s too late.

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King is the first of six novellas in the DWARVEN GOLD fantasy erotic romance series. It is a complete story with no cliffhangers, a great HEA, and contains hot dwarfs who look like Vikings, a world on the verge of war, deadly royals, and lots of meant-to-be romance between fated mates.

If you like fun, steamy fantasy romance set in unique new worlds, Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King is for you. Buy your copy and start the adventure now!

About the Author:

Jaci Chandler lives in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, where the trees grow close and tall, and the skies are a brilliant blue. She loves to sit on her deck, gaze at Mt. Rainier, and think about hot dwarfs and their fated mates. When she’s not writing the Dwarven Gold series, she’s making cake and thinking of adding recipes to the backs of her books. 

Talk to Jaci on Twitter or sign up for her newsletter. Just click the link (and let her know if you like lobster patties or Mont Blanc!)

Twitter    Newsletter

Jenn’s Review:

**NOTE: The Dwarven Gold series is adult erotica romance and is intended for mature audiences, over the age of 18, only.**

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King is the first installment of a series I would easily classify as erotic romance. When Ms. Chandler contacted me about reviewing the first two books in her series, she warned me that this book has a polarizing effect. Readers either love it or they hate it.

I fall into the former group. This is a quick read – I read the entire book in a single 2 hour sitting – and it moves quickly through the plot.

While Arabella and Thorin are fated to be together, and they seem to be decently developed characters, I would have liked a bit more development of both characters and plot. The setting is beautifully wrought, full of the contrast of Dwarven stone work, magic and colored details. And sex. The story is liberally peppered with a variety of sexual tastes.

The love story in this plot takes a back seat to the hedonistic tendencies in Lady Arabella, and having not dived into book two in the series yet, I am hoping that this book is meant to set the stage for a longer plot line.

I loved the creativity, the world building, and the potential in this story. I missed deeper development of the relationship between hero and heroine, and I think too many loose ends were left flapping in the breeze.

But, once more unto the breach, dear readers! I’m off to read the second book in the series (linked below), and am crossing my fingers that loose ends are wrapped up.

On this edition of the Thrice Read Books blog, Jenn reviews Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King, book 1 in the Dwarven Gold series by Jaci Chandler

Buy the Book:

This book is available in Kindle and paperback editions from Amazon here. [affiliate link]

Other Books in the Series: 

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps (book 2)

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps – Review

Jenn Reviews book 2 in Jaci Chandler's Dwarven Gold series. Read about Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps on the Thrice Read Books blog

About the Book:

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps book 2 in the Dwarven Gold series 

by Jaci Chandler

Published by Amazon Digital Services April 30, 2018

128 pages Adult Erotica Romance

My name is Deidra Cavendish and I need a rich man who’ll marry me, and take me and my mother off to a gilded castle filled with food and keep the bill collectors away, but deep down inside where my secret dreams live, I long for love. My only solace is my cousin, Arabella. She’s my best friend and confidante, and I think she was murdered. When an accident at the Cavendish Winter Ball sends me flying into the arms of a penniless nobody, my abrupt craving for him threatens to derail me. He’s poor and so am I; a relationship between us isn’t going to work! Even if he makes my blood simmer with longing.

My name is Jerred Bloodaxe. I am the Earl of Whitemarch; the King’s left-hand man. I fight behind the scenes to keep the kingdom safe, stop royal intrigues from turning into royal murder, and prevent assassins from killing my cousin, Thorin. Most importantly, I run politically sensitive and dangerous errands no sane dwarf will take. When Arabella, the queen-in-waiting, asks me to bring her cousin, Deidra, to safety in Dwarfholme, I immediately leave for Cavendish Castle. But it’s a different world where I have no power or resources, and bringing her back to her cousin is more difficult than it looks. Little do I know, fate has ways to bring two mates together, even if one is a Dwarven Lord and the other is a regency miss!

Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps is the second of six books in the DWARVEN GOLD fantasy romance series. It is a complete story with no cliffhangers and contains hot dwarfs who look like Vikings, steamy m/m scenes, delicious cakes, a hidden world on the verge of war, vengeful gods, ex-lovers, trolls, zombies and “lots” of hot, steamy romance between two mates who are lost without each other.

If you like a spicy clash of personalities, a vulnerable, but deadly hero, and a unique fantasy world, you’ll like Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps! Buy your copy now and feel the love.

About the Author:

Jaci Chandler lives in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, where the trees grow close and tall, and the skies are a brilliant blue. She loves to sit on her deck, gaze at Mt. Rainier, and think about hot dwarfs and their fated mates. When she’s not writing the Dwarven Gold series, she’s making cake and thinking of adding recipes to the backs of her books. 

Talk to Jaci on Twitter or sign up for her newsletter. Just click the link (and let her know if you like lobster patties or Mont Blanc!)

Twitter     Newsletter

Jenn’s Review:

 **NOTE: The Dwarven Gold series is adult erotica romance and is intended for mature audiences, over the age of 18, only.**

Another speedy installment to the Dwarven Gold series by Jaci Chandler, Lady Deidre was a hot little erotic romance.

Deidre was left behind when Arabella was taken by the dwarves expeditionary forces in the previous book, and her situation is probably more tenuous than Arabella’s was. She’s desperate to find a wealthy husband before her family’s house party ends.

Jerred is fighting his own demons when his king sends him after Arabella’s cousin, Deidre. It’s definitely not love at first sight, though he knows Deidre is his fated mate. 

As with book 1, I enjoyed the world building, and the little plot twists, but I would love to see these stories developed a bit more. There are copious amounts of hot sexual interaction with a thread of romance tying it all together. Ms. Chandler has written stories with good conflicts, but I felt rushed through the resolution.

That said, Jaci Chandler is on my list of authors to watch. She has tremendous potential in her writing career, and I look forward to her next release.

on the Thrice Read Books blog: Jenn reviews Lady Deidra and the Lord of the Deeps - book 2 in the Dwarven Gold series by Jaci Chandler

Buy the book:

This book is available in Kindle edition from Amazon here. [affiliate link]

Other Books in the Series: 

Lady Arabella and the Dwarven King (book 1)

Evercrossed – Review

Sam's Teen Reads Corner features YA Paranormal fiction, Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

About the book:

Evercrossed (Kissed by an Angel, book 4) by Elizabeth Chandler

Published by Simon Pulse March 8, 2011

YA Romance, Fantasy and Supernatural 304 pages

It’s been a year since Ivy’s boyfriend, Tristan, died. They’ve both moved on—Tristan to the other side of the afterlife, and Ivy to sweet, dependable Will. Now Ivy’s heading to Cape Cod, hoping to leave the horror of last summer behind. She wants nothing more than to lie on the beach, sip lemonade, and hang out with her friends.

But then a car crash ends Ivy’s life. As she floats to the beyond, looking down on the life she’s left behind, Tristan breathes life back into her with a passionate kiss. She wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by Will and her family, but all she can think about is the love that she lost.

But memories aren’t all that’s come back from the past. And this time, Ivy’s not sure love will be enough to save her….

About the Author:

Elizabeth Chandler is a pseudonym for Mary Claire Helldorfer. She is the author of the Kissed by an Angel and Dark Secrets series. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sam’s Review:

Elizabeth Chandler has written an okay story, named Evercrossed, about angels, humans, and love. I wasn’t a fan of the book, but it was still good. The book is part of a series, and it isn’t the first.

Last summer, Ivy lost Tristan, the love of her life, to somebody trying to kill her. Now, on the her anniversary of her relationship with Tristan, she has to put up with guilt. But once again, she is in danger. And her new boyfriend, Will, or Tristan, may not be able to help her.

I didn’t really enjoy this book, because it wasn’t my type, like I thought it was. It didn’t hold my interest, which is a shame, because it was a very interesting concept. The characters were well developed, and the setting was well done.

Sam's Teen Reads Corner features Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler (Book 4 in the Kissed by an Angel series)

Buy the book:

Thrice Read Books has 1 paperback edition

This book is also available in Kindle, hardcover, paperback, audiobook and Audio CD MP3 editions from Amazon here. [affiliate link]

The South Winds – Review

Jenn reviews THE SOUTH WINDS, a new Adult Contemporary Romance from author Allison Mullinax and Fiery Seas Publishing on the Thrice Read Books blog

About the book:

The South Winds  by Allison Mullinax

Contemporary Romance Fiery Seas Everlasting

August 7, 2018

Cassie Ray, manager of her family’s successful oyster house, has never asked for much out of life. The sun, surf, and sand are her companions. The regulars and tourists that flock to The Slippery Oyster are her livelihood. But when the Atlantic kicks up a hurricane, sending waves of black water threatening the coast, Cassie quickly learns that the south winds have blown in a lot more than debris and saltwater.

Dean Alexander left Turquoise Isle eight years ago and never looked back. With his sister’s wedding approaching, and a hurricane churning in the Gulf, Dean returns home, where he’s welcomed with a rip tide of memories determined to pull him under.

Will Cassie and Dean make it through the crashing waves of the past? Will they get a second chance before it’s too late or will the storm ahead be too much for them to handle?

About the author:

Allison Mullinax - Author of The South Winds

North Alabama native, Allison Mullinax, grew up in the small lake town of Guntersville, AL. She discovered the escapism and addiction of writing at an early age. Today she remains a lover of reading, all things outdoors, and spending time with her husband and three daughters. 

Allison’s Social Media: 

Website     Facebook     Twitter

Jenn’s Review:

I’ve read everything that Allison Mullinax has put out through Fiery Seas. This woman totally rocks the emotional gut wrench. Toss her aptitude for plot twists and sucking the reader in deep on top of my weakness for a second-chance romance into the bargain, and you have The South Winds.
Dean and Cassie have been avoiding each other and their painful past for eight years; but Dean’s sister is getting married, and a series of not-quite coincidences throws Dean into Cassie’s path, with a hurricane looming off the coast of their little hometown.

Between Dean’s well-meaning mother and younger sister, and Cassie’s hunky, handy, good-looking and male best friend (whom Dean mistakes for Cassie’s boyfriend before he is bluntly informed is married…and gay), the broken couple doesn’t stand a chance of staying away from each other or the painful conversations they’ve been avoiding.
The South Winds is another quick read from Ms. Mullinax. She deftly captures life in a small tourist town, and leads her reader down a lovely, romantic plot path, only to twist things just enough at the right moment. Fans of the second chance romance, here’s your next weekend read.

On this edition of the Thrice Read Books review blog, Jenn reviews another new release from Adult Contemporary Romance author Allison Mullinax - The South Winds - Now available from Fiery Seas Publishing

Buy the book:

Fiery Seas Pub Bookstore     Amazon     Barnes & Noble     Kobo

Two Hearts, One Stone – Cover Reveal

Thrice Read Books is pleased to announce a new, Adult Contemporary Romance coming soon from The Wild Rose Press and author Leslie Scott - Cover Reveal for Two Hearts, One Stone

About the Book:

Two Hearts, One Stone by Leslie Scott

Contemporary Romance

The Wild Rose Press – To be released September 26, 2018

Horse trainer Stone Dempsey’s life is all about the ride—with horses and women. He uses his equine talents to impress the country club set and earn money for Smoky Mountain Reining Horses. When his drug-addicted sister deposits her sick baby on his doorstep, he’s suddenly saddled with real responsibility.

Dr. Emmersyn Cole’s goal of starting a practice in her favorite place on earth is finally coming to fruition and she is not going to be sidetracked. Everything is going great until Stone swaggers into her life, half-dressed with a smile that could melt her insides. She’s determined to keep her distance…until he rushes into her grandfather’s home, clutching a feverish baby, terrified and vulnerable, and her heart’s hard shell begins to crack.

In only a few short weeks, Stone’s wayward heart suddenly relies on two women—one who needs him—and one that he might not be able to live without.

Excerpt (by permission of the author & publisher)

He was spinning and dizzy because of Emmy. He hadn’t expected her to throw him for a loop like she had, have him waiting on her after work, cleaning up his cabin, and all the other silly things he’d done in the past few weeks.

Yet there he was, with a shoulder against the stall door, watching the sparkles of faded sunlight dance in her reddish, curling hair.

He was a goner.

“I feel naked when you look at me like that.” Her fingers trembled as she tucked a lock behind her ear.

“That’s not the way I look at you when you’re naked.”

Thrice Read Books partners with The Wild Rose Press and author Leslie Scott for the exciting cover reveal of Leslie's upcoming adult contemporary romance novel: Two Hearts, One Stone

About the Author:

Leslie spends most days attempting to wrangle the voices in her head and often wishes she could clone herself so that their stories get told faster. She loves words, romance, and characters that feel like family and spends almost all of her free time with her own family; including a boisterous eleven year old that she homeschools and an assorted cast of rescue pets. She lives her own happily ever after with her soul mate and best friend in the northern part of Alabama and hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

Website     Facebook     Twitter     Pinterest    Youtube Playlists

The Big Reveal:

The big reveal: Newly released cover and teaser from The Wild Rose Press - Contemporary Romance "Two Hearts One Stone" by Leslie Scott excerpt and cover reveal

Preorder the book!

The Wild Rose Press Buy Link (pre order soon) http://bit.ly/2vB7ZJU

Tribute – Review

Sam reviews Chris Knoblough's Middle Grade Horror novel TRIBUTE in this edition of the Thrice Read Books review blog

About the Book:

Tribute by Chris Knoblaugh (The Cleaners, book 1)

Middle Grade Horror/Latino Fiction 255 pages

Self-published through Amazon Digital Services, LLC April 13, 2018 

When twelve-year-old Miguel’s gang member Papa makes promises to Santa Muerte, someone in Miguel’s family loses a soul. The last time, it was Miguel’s gentle aunt. This time, the target is Miguel’s brother, Juan.

Santa Muerte, the skeletal patron saint of drug traffickers and murderers, always claims her fee.

The trouble is Miguel won’t let Juan’s spirit go. The resulting paranormal possession attracts demons, doppelgangers, and an ancient soul slayer from the depths of Hell — all of whom must be vanquished if Miguel is to live. 

Even with help, Miguel’s refusal to release Juan threatens the lives of those Miguel loves most. Miguel must choose to release his brother or lose yet another loved one, for the bargain was made with Santa Muerte and the price must be paid.

About the Author:

Chris Knoblaugh runs Dancing with Words Tutoring along with her husband, Mark Dooley. She currently teaches English at a middle school in south San Jose, California. Her interests have expanded to include self-publishing and blogging. Her blog, https://dancingwithwordstutoring.blogspot.com, is structured to help reluctant students learn to be comfortable with writing. She and her husband live in California with more books than necessary and two rescue kitties. Her much beleaguered daughter, Monica, holds her own in this raucous family.

Chris has a B.A.in English Literature with High College Honors, a B.S. in Biology, and an M.A. in Teaching with Reading Specialization. Her novels and stories incorporate myths, cryptids, regional traditions, and historical settings. She enjoys writing for her students and for her tutoring business. You can find her at her blog, at FaceBook, or at Twitter.

Happy hauntings!

Sam’s Review:

Welcome to the land of Tribute, AKA, a book about demons, possession, and a heck ton of danger and ghosts. Tribute was written by Chris Knoblaugh, and is about a Mexican-American family living in San Jose, California.

Miguel has lost his brother, Juan, and is bound determined to find his killer. But Juan hasn’t found his peace, and is stuck in purgatory. This makes him a ghost, and when Miguel ticks him off, he summons a ton of demons that put him and his loved ones in danger.

For me, this book was a trip to crazy town, with a whole bunch happening at once. Several times, I had to shake my head and go, “what? Just, what?” Please know that this book has swearing, and some violent moments, mainly about the demons. It was still interesting, though.

On this edition of Sam's Teen Reads Corner, Sam faces Santa Muerte in Chris Knoblaugh's middle grade horror novel, TRIBUTE

Buy the Book:

 This book is available from Amazon in Kindle format only, here. [affiliate link]

Additional Information about this book:

 Ms. Knoblough was featured in her hometown newspaper about the same time she submitted her request for review. She talks more about her motivation behind writing and publishing Tribute. You can read the story here.